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artist statement

Although I went to art school and attended many classes and workshops, I act like a self-taught artist.  Feeling my way through ink and wood and plastic dolls.

My usual mediums are drawing and assemblage.  I'm a channel for the images in my drawings and the constructs of my assemblages.

Characters, who draw you into their thoughts and feelings, emerge in my drawings, as if from a dream.
Sometimes I draw on found wood.  The wood speaks to I coax a face or figure from the grain and knots.
My assemblages may tell a story, but the objects often just interact, as in a drama without a plot.
The objects seem to come together of their own accord.  My sensibilities direct the balance, the composition, the color.  But I'm working as part of a team.

It's important that an assemblage is believable - though composed of incongruous elements, you believe that it actually exists as a true scenario.

It's the same with drawing - which is why I draw from a live model when I can.  Though my drawings of people may have disproportionate limbs or faces, they seem real, because my knowledge of the human form has been honed for many years.

I guess that's why people are drawn to my art - I make the unbelievable believable.

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